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About Us

The Mobile Spa is the first exclusive mobile spa concept that has opened in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  It is a spa that delivers treatments to clients in the comfort of their home, private party, corporate function or wherever they are. Established as a Limited Liability Company in October 2008, The Mobile Spa has been in operation for over 9 years. 


The Mobile Spa offers services to adults, teens and children. A variety of services are offered ranging from massages, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures and so much more. The spa also offers services to groups in the form of Spa parties, referred to within The Mobile Spa as ‘Sparties’.  Sparties are available for groups of adults as well as children and are popular in many events ranging from corporate events to kids birthday parties.


The Mobile Spa provides everything needed for these treatments in any location. Equipment is set up in moments, bringing the ultimate spa experience directly to clients wherever they are.


In addition to its unique delivery service, The Mobile Spa prides itself for its dedication to offering the best in hygiene standards.  The Mobile Spa is the first spa in Bahrain that uses disposable supplements and an autoclave to sterilize implements.



Establishing a spa in any location involves specialized installations and structural changes to the location it will be setup in. The Mobile Spa does not require such installations. The research & development efforts that have been employed at the establishment of The Mobile Spa allow it to operate out of any location with no special requirements and setups needed from the host location. The Mobile Spa concept was built around the “Wherever You Are” slogan.  We take pride in being able to setup anywhere, provide an exceptional service and leave the space in the same condition as when we arrived. This is possible while providing spa quality high-end services.  For example, we do not just offer a massage; we offer a massage on an extremely comfortable massage bed that is warmed, with spa music in the background, candles lit and aromatherapy vapor to create a relaxing environment.

Branding and Corporate Image

The Mobile Spa founders believe a strong corporate identity is necessary for the success of their brand. They developed the brand image and identity at the early stages of establishing the business. As a result the concept is now a fully branded experience that is often believed by clients to be a franchise not a startup established in Bahrain. Branding was not considered only for visual elements such as branding equipment, uniforms & products. Branding was also established by creating procedures for employees so the experience offered by any therapist is consistent and reflects The Mobile Spa standards. Procedures identify various interactions between the client and therapist beginning with how the client is greeted to the exact steps that need to be performed for every service.



The Mobile Spa Founders spent 2 years prior to the official launch in researching the industry’s best standards & guidelines & developing a unique brand that reflects their commitment to quality. This investment in research, development and testing have enabled the spa to offer products and services of the highest quality which go above and beyond the standards required by the local authorities and the standards, guidelines and even recommendations of the international authorities and best practices in the Beauty Industry.


The Mobile Spa portable concept can operate easily in a variety of locations. This allows easy expansion into various diverse operations. Examples include public locations such as hospitals or corporate locations. The concept works well in public locations due to its portable nature. It is ideally positioned to offer the best service within the constraints of a public location. This allows the concept to go anywhere leaving no limits for the creativity of its clients or its founders. 

Various Services

The Mobile Spa offers more than just spa services. While spa services are its core business it has also established other business centers to complement it. These include retailing products to clients and offering spa parties to adults as well as children.


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